English version of ClonyXXL v2.0.0.4?



I just posted the article English version of ClonyXXL v2.0.0.4 ??.

As people will have noticed BxxxxJ, creator of ClonyXXL, is taking his time to make us an English version of his tool. wong99 has send us some news which might be of help to us:

I got this…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3627-English-version-of-ClonyXXL-v2_0_0_4-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3627-English-version-of-ClonyXXL-v2_0_0_4-.html)

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if you need a website i can upload your eng. version at my site (clony.insomnia-online.net in the past it was insomnia.covers.de) mail me if you’re interrested. (insomnia4ever@gmx.net) InSOMniA


Intersted in helping? If ya serious about something you would do it. Bah!


We need an English Version of 2005 now, we have too keep up with the times :slight_smile: Greetz from The Diplomat :8


Just received this mail:

Hello people! I absolutely need your assistance! I need only few things and then the page of Clony can go on-line finally. Without any errors or otherwise which. How surely you already noticed it today, I had achieved the page its TrafficLimit. Therefore I need: - a Hoster with more Traffic limit - a board (only for you) - … Who has something, he inputs the glossary word in the concern of the E-Mail. Thanks. PS: If I will need still something, I contact you PPS: Please read also the new rules, if you want to help me with the page and Clony. Thanks.
But with the new CloneCD, who really needs Clony ?