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At first: sorry, no cd-related question …

Perhaps some of you know the movie “windtalkers” with Nicolas Cage. How is “wind” in the word windtalkers pronounced? Like the word “wind” in general with an short “e” - or with an “i”, so it sounds like the word “kind”?
Sorry for the really dumb question, but a mate of mine prefers the kind-wind and I’m extremely convinced of the “e”-windtalkers :slight_smile:



MOved it to LR, instead of Forum Talk (it does not relate to a forum issue).

Tried to find it here: http://www.webster.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=windtalker (it is great for purposes like these), but it didn’t know the word…

But I’d say ‘Wind’ as in the air that flows from high to low pressure area (not “wind” as in winding wire around a coil)


Wind could be a noun (wind coming from the north) or a verb (wind up, unwind). They are pronounced differently; the “i” in the noun sounds like the “i” in “fit”, the “i” in the verb like the “i” in “kind”.

Looking at what the movie is about, I would say “wind” is a noun.


it’s “wind” as in “the wind came from the north” or “the air that flows is called wind”


The question seems to me about the movie, not English.


it’s SPELT “raymond luxury yacht”, but it’s PRONOUNCED “throat warbler mangrove”.


Yes, I can see where that can be confusing for those not native to the english language.

Also confusing are the following “Madonna”, “Britney spears”, “Paris Hilton” & “Ex-girlfriend” which are all pronounced “Cum guzzling queen”


Thank you all :slight_smile: