English Physicists Develop 1 TByte Storage Discs

Physicists at Imperial College London are developing a new optical disk with so much storage capacity that every episode of The Simpsons made could fit on just one.

Speaking at the Asia-Pacific Data Storage Conference 2004 in Taiwan today, Dr Peter Török, Lecturer in Photonics in the Department of Physics, will describe a new method for potentially encoding and storing up to one Terabyte (1,000 Gigabytes) of data, or 472 hours of film, on one optical disk the size of a CD or DVD.

All 350 scheduled episodes of The Simpsons, totalling 8,080 minutes of film, could be easily stored on the new disk, dubbed MODS - for Multiplexed Optical Data Storage - by the Imperial College team.

Full Story Can Be Read @ PhysOrg.Com

Yay for the English Boffins. :bigsmile:

hopes to be out by 2009 or 2010? vaporware :stuck_out_tongue:

Wonder how long it would take to burn 1 terabyte…hehehe

Good Point… but then again you have to have 1tb hdd storage to be able to fill a 1tb disc :wink: