English: Order your CD Freaks T-shirt now!



I just posted the article English: Order your CD Freaks T-shirt now !!.

CD Freaks finally started with the sale of its own T-shirts. It took us a while, but we hope it was worth the wait. Do you want to support CD Freaks and buy one of these great shirts?


Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1808-English-Order-your-CD-Freaks-T-shirt-now-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1808-English-Order-your-CD-Freaks-T-shirt-now-.html)

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I prefer an astalavista.box.sk T-Shirt. It looks cooler and has nicer colors.


What a whiner you are TAFKAP. 1) for posting in both languages the same messages, as if you are promoting that other T-shirt. 2) If you compare prices you will see that this T-Shirt is actually cheaper than the one from Astalavista, which is $ 18.95 plus shipping charges, where the CD Freaks T-Shirt is approximately $ 12 plus shipping (and shipping is cheaper too, besides, astalavista doesn’t ship outside US/Canada, we do) You don’t have to buy the T-shirt, but please refrain from such lame comments and get your facts straight!


Cool! I will order this t-shirt.It cool walk around when front of t-shirt is written “Power of the unitedburners” By the way: I wanna support CdFreaks team and job to give as all new info about burning. Price is good, so this is forth of buying! :wink: But why you have DEAD LINE???


A deadline has been set so we know hoe many T-Shirts to order. We don’t want to get stuck with a huge supply of T-shirts and it is quite expensive to have them printed 1 at a time. By setting a deadline we will know how many people want a T-shirt and how many we should have printed.


Promotional t-shirts are usually given for free. I always get a lot of them from large computer stores for free :8


This is not simply a promotional T-Shirt. This is a T-Shirt where you show us and the rest of the world that you support CD Freaks.


I will boldly wear this shirt where no other man dare to go…hapilly…proudly…into the snail mail world I will travel with my favorite dotcom slapped across my chest!!


I want one, and if I can’t get one now, I hope they make more, More, MORE! :8