English correction

Can some1 hlp me whit my Eng lng … i need to write e-mal … whit question aboiut job is this correct?

OK, I’ll write you this informations tommorow.
I’ve got few questions:

  • What about rates?
  • What about accomodation?

how should i ask about feeding ??

pls hlp… my eng … (watching Anime whit eng sub … + eng forums:)

OK, I’ll write you this information tomorrow.
I’ve got a few questions:

  • What about rates?
  • What about accomodations?
  • What about meals?

EDIT - See S_S’s post below! :iagree:

something like this

I would be intrested to inquire about the salary of the position I have applied for.
Does that include accomodations and meals -per diem- and incidental expenses?

is this for a job offer or for an english class?

Dear <name of contact person>

Please refer to your ‘advertisement’/‘letter’/‘phone call’ of <date> in <publication> with respect to <position>.

In your ‘advertisement’/‘letter’/‘phone call’ ‘it is’/‘you’ mentioned several aspects that interest me. However, it also raised some questions for me. In this respect I would greatly appreciate some more information regarding the following questions:

[li]What are the current salary scales for this position?
[/li]> [li]With respect to the expenses incurred, are these covered by a per diem allowance or directly charged to <name of company>?
[/li]> [li]Do these expenses cover meals and accomodation?
[/li]> [/ul]

Many thanks in advance for your time and timely response. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,


The above is just a quick example. The introduction may be more elaborate, depending on the circumstances and the position you are inquiring about.

Good luck!

thx u all Very much :slight_smile: BIG THX :bow:

Another good tip is when at the end of an interview when you are asked “do you have any other questions”
say something like … Is there opportunity for promotion?
If i were to be successful where do you expect me to be in say
2 years from now within the company
prospective employers also like to know if you have researched the job that you are applying for … find as much information on the company as possible

Stop using irc words when you’re in the real world as well :bigsmile:

reads the first post in the thread And a spell-checker would help, too.

Reads the 1st thread again…should have read it properly the first time round :o thought he was off for an interview…duhhhhhhhhhh