(Engineering Sample) P4 3.06Ghz


I was surprised to find the chip I ordered was a Northwood P4 Hyperthreading 3.06 Ghz, Engineering Sample. The multiplier is unlocked, which is a rarity.

I’m considering selling the chip rather then keeping it and risk overclocking it. I’m not an experienced overclocker by any means, and a regular 3.06Ghz with a locked multiplier would do the trick for me.

My question is, where is the most viable place to sell an (ES) chip, and for what cost?

I’ve seen some ridiculous prices on Ebay for them.

Any thoughts?


Question isn’t really hardware related directly. You seek no solution to a problem, rather advice on a hardware sale.

I think this is best suited to be asked in our Living Room.

I will move this there for you. :wink:

i’d reccommend putting it up on ebay and setting the reserve price to the amount you paid, so that you will get at lest what you paid for it back…and possibly more if you include the fact that it is unlocked…just a suggestion :smiley: