Enermax Galaxy: first 1000W power supply



The source is German or Dutch, but Babelfish will be your friend.

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Gimme a 1 megawatt PSU already, so I can feed future nvidia SLI-cards.


Well eh… nice :). I’d really want such a PSU if I had a 32-way quad-core Opteron 2 system with 2TB of internal memory :slight_smile:

Serious? I find this rather scary. This indicates that PCs will be using more and more power. We all know that ain’t good, for various reasons of course.
Sure, technological progression is good, but I’d rather see a development in lowering the needs of hardware for what the PSU is concerned.


Damn! You beat me to it!


or ATI crossfire cards :cool:


Its a bit of a wank. Find me the best of the best, spare no expense, run it all at once and see how much juice you require. I get calculators telling me this and that ra ra ra but I’m still happily cruizin on a 250w PSU. 1000w = Overkill!


i wonder how much faster it makes your drive tray open up? :slight_smile:


Current draw can be upto 3.5x running current for certain components (HD’s / or optical drives are a great example).
Your PC will likely draw approx 50% more power at startup than running, over the entire system.
So you really need a power supply that can supply 400W for several seconds.
but 1000W is a nightmare … here in oz that’s 3Amps sustained … in the US 6Amps … just think of the losses … power dissipated into the environment as heat …

Also, donn’t forget that PSU’s can dissipate upto an extra 20% on top of what you actually use in the system…

That’s a whopping potential 1200W (5A au/eur or 10A usa) dissipated overall!

Prevent the ICE age! Upgrade your PSU to an enermax galaxy 1000Wl!


Can’t say I’m surprised but it does sound like alot.
When I began working on PCs in the early-mid 90s, 250w psu was a monster!


omg … i will change my PC … to Laptop… less power used …


let the contest begin!


1,100 W…


In a country like South Korea, replacing desktops with portables makes sense. 1K PSU is not just an overkill but also suicidal here if the PC components really need that much power. I like Intel’s recent development to have four or more number of cores in a single CPU to reduce power requirement. Asus Terminator T1 C3 costs under US$100 and runs VIA C3 800MHz processor.


Included is a 165-watt PSU.


Overkill, the way to go is to reduce power requirements. Like what they did by reducing AGP voltage over time (hangs head in shame with 4x AGP slot but is still happy with new GFX card).


Well even Intel have decided to jump on the bandwagon now and will aim to keep powerconsumption down. I saw a graph on how much power computers alone consumed in the world, it takes several of the worls powerplants only to power our computers.


Well, I suppose it would help if PCs got switched off more often (at least at night), but it isn’t worth the wear and tear by switching the PC off many times a day.


I 'm realy thinking about … after highschool … start working at generating station… at poland… in some of them… working there ppl paying 90% less for power usage … than normal users… :stuck_out_tongue:

there is always… alternative… like from some Beer comertials… when hamster was running in that silly cirkle… and in oposite of it was stanting botle of beer… i need to test it … :P:P:P


While money is part of the equation, preserving resources is another. No matter how cheap the fuel is, one day it will run out, and we will all be royally screwed.


sooner or later…all ppl will die ;]