Enders Game backup

Various plugin decoders

Looking for a bin for “Ender’s Game”
UPC 2519221705

I have purchased
Ender’s Game UPC 2519221705


I purchased
with various plugin decoders

I’m looking for a Ender’s Game bin file for the NextTech updater.

For that you might talk to the support from the company. They would be of faster help.

You will need to make the bin yourself. If you can’t it may be faster to email support. Olyteddy, the bin is a file for the program and not asking for a image. If you feel it is still against the rules re close it if you must.


I misunderstood. I apologize. :flower:

It’s okay.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2720478]I misunderstood. I apologize. :flower:[/QUOTE]

We’ve all been there and thanks for clarifying that. :cool:


I understand as I remember in the DVD only days some files that were movies were a BIN format. Thankfully I have the knowledge to know what he was speaking of. Supporting this software for so long.

I worked with the updater for this title and there appears to be something else going on with the structure.

My only real option at this point is to wait for the database upgrade in the next rev that will include ‘Ender’s Game’

In the meantime, I will have to be content watching the DVD rather than viewing it from my media server. No biggie…

I think I have a DVD player around here somewhere. lol

Thanks again - sorry for the confusion…

No no there’s no confusion just short of info what the bin was you were asking for. I knew what it was. Yea this is one reason I saw this program falling into nomans land with issues like this.