Okay, I am currently encoding a dvd…I told it to go to my burner…but it’s not. I guess it is temp going somewhere else and then I still have to burn it. So, I guess there’s the analyzing process, then the encoding and then burning, right?

Okay, point of this post. My system is not state of the art, nor new. I am only working off a Pen 3, 750MHZ with 384RAM. I am looking at a long time for this whole process aren’t I? Looks like it is going to take 40 minutes to encode just the movie…probably would have taken an hour if I had included the extras. So, with the system I have I am looking at a long time for the analyzing and encoding time aren’t I?

Anyone have an idea of what the average time for me would be if I did just a movie?

And average time for a full disc back up?

Thanks all. I have really appreciated all the help I have gotten here :bigsmile:

Update: I just burned a dvd (movie only) DVDShrink said the whole process (burning included) took 59m 19s. That is burning at 8x though. Most of the time I would be burning at 4x as those are the discs I bought. This 8x disc came with the burner. So, I guess I’d be looking at maybe 10 minutes or so longer then.

And if I wanted a full disc back up I am probably looking at an hour and a half or so. Would anyone agree/disagree with this?

I assume from your question that you are using DVD Shrink. Yes, your guess is close to the true process. The time of backing up a DVD depends on:

  1. The size of the movie itself.
  2. Features chosen in the software you use (deep analysis, etc.)
  3. Your system (processor, RAM, burner, etc.).

Yeah, dvdshrink. Sorry, should have specified. I know it’s my OS slowing me down. What is best to upgrade first to help that along? I’m guessing RAM. My burner is a LiteOn 832s.

What OS do you use? RAM is very important, but not everything.

The biggest problem is the specs on your PC. I used to burn discs on a Celeron 1.1GHZ with 128MB SDRAM and it took about 1 hour 20 minutes with a deep analysis (this doesn’t include burning time). My current PC is a 2.4GHZ P4 with Hyperthreading Technology and 256MB DDR RAM and the average time with a Deep Analysis and the further “Sharp” quality refinement (which would take longer than the above) is about 35 minutes without burning. A huge difference there. I would say that if you really want to see an increase in speed that it is high time to update your system. Something comparable to what I have with more RAM would make a drastic improvement.

I’m using Windows 2000 Professional.

So, it sounds like what really helped for you was the P4 and the higher GHZ. Would that be correct?