End of user area encountered on this track NEC3500A

I get the error end of user area encountered on this track on my NEC3500A if I try to copy a DVD on the fly from my NEC2510. If I burn from the NEC3500 to the NEC2510 it works! Does anybody know why I canโ€™t do this anymore with my NEC3500A? Plz help!

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Check this list:


Yours is listed there.

Found it doing a GOOGLE search on the error text you listed.

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Tnx, maybe the NEC2510 does not like te NEC3500 in one system. Also the 2510 cannot check a disc for errors untill the end of a disc whil my 3500 can with te same disc the 2510 gives bad sector errors while the disc is okay. Very wierd.