End of user area encountered on the track - illegal request - $5 paypal for Solution!



I get this error when I am attempting to copy a dual layer DVD of my Pioneer navigation DVD disc (making a backup) . I am using the latest Version 7 Disc Copier from Roxio, using Win XP, Sony DW-D56A

End "end of user area encountered on this track - illegal reguest. 97% finished

FYI, there is still more room on the disc for burning, about 10%

$5 paypal for the person who helps me solve this , thanks

Ps I alread have 3 Verbatim coasters that I paid $17 for.


Hey there and Welcome to CDFs!

I stoped using Roxio software years ago… :Z I would say the best program to use is DVD Decrypter. Google it and I’m sure you will find a download mirror. It is illegal in many countries now (well one ability of it is) but that shouldn’t stop you using it. Once you have it installed, fire it up and select: Mode > ISO > Read. Read the disk off into a safe place (like your desktop). Then select Mode > ISO > Write. Tell it where the ISO is, put a blank disk in the target drive, then hit the big button! Good luck.



Sounds like copy protection rearing its ugly head.


THanks for Advice, I am ripping to drive now (ok, on another computer). Before I read your message, I downloaded the latest Firmware, tried ROxio and have my 4th DL coaster. Any suggestion where to get quality DL DVD’s?


Well after 4 coasters, DVDDecrypter works!!! Send me an e-mail along with your Paypal info (could be the same) and I will live up to my endo of the promise. Could you also please reccomend a brand and place to get DL DVD’s too? Thanks

Mike @ Picacard . com


Hey there,
Ah good glad it worked! If you really wanner go thro with ‘payment’, I will e-mail you soon. Now you asked about DL media. In your first post you said that you were using Verbatim? Verbatim are really the best DL media you are gonner get @ the mo.



OK, I don’t mind the Verbatim, but at $6.50 a DVD, it is a little pricey, but what do I know, maybe that is the going price & Yes, I do want to pay up!


Go to http://shopper.cnet.com/ type in what you’re looking for, in this case I entered Verbatim + DL DVD which gave me this result…
I liked the looks of this one which I then put in my zip code and then sorted by =Total price and chose this one Once there I found that they also had a special going so I could also get an extra Verbatim 4.7GB 8X DVD-R 5 Pack Disc with the purchase so it turned out to be an even better deal than I expected… and I wasn’t even planing on buying any… I was only planing on suggesting how you could shop for a better price for your next set of DL coasters. :doh:


Thanks again for the tips, and Virushack, I either did not get your e-mail or i accidentally deleted it, so put in the subject, hey mike I want my $5!!!