End of the year self reflection weekly questions

after seeing Mr B’s poll it had me thinking so from now till the end of the year i’ll post a self reflecting question…you may answer here or just ponder quitely to yourself…

this weeks question is

For what am I particularly grateful? 

I myself take many things for granted from work , to my health, to my parents always being there, and just life in general.Recently, I have found out my dad has cancer again …yes i said again. He and I both have gone down this road.with the exception of the fact he is much older and this time I do feel will be my last christmas with him…there are so many things i want to share and i see them slipping away…just in the last 2 months he has gone from a strong man…to a very slender man who when he stands up his clothes fall off him…and he no longer can even stand up long enough to shower, which in turn has placed a very big burdern on my mother. I have made it a point to go up every weekend and help ease her load allowing her to sleep while i attend to my dad. (i realize this is really not a side of me anyof you knew i even had) But, I know all our days are numbered from the time we are born…it just hurts to know this could be my last christmas…my last birthday…with him…so yes i do take many things for granted…

even my petty rant about not getting to get on dsl last night …i take that for granted…and i was distraught having to use dial up…(no offence Womble)

I take some of the people here for granted…Tax and Debro …Slayer and Mike…and now Geno…
I am grateful I do have ‘online’ friends like you…you do tend to take me away from some serious issuses i face …and I really am appreciative…

ok enought of the serious stuff…let someone else add to it

I guess when you see what us in these Western countries have, there are a lot of things that we take for granted. Then there are things that aren’t available in rural areas. Those can be taken for granted.

Music, friends, even a smile, are all things that can be taken for granted. I know in my case they are.

But I guess the less you get your hopes up, the better it feels when good things happen. I haven’t seen my dad in YEARS… and I’m finally seeing him this Christmas. He hasn’t seen me all my teenage life, so he won’t know what to expect. So in a way, family can be taken for granted but that really depends on how you look at it.

I am grateful for being born into a loving family, in a working society where no person needs to die from starvation, or at a young age become a soldier in a war one cannot understand.

I am grateful that in the course of my work being bought out by a much larger company, I have not only retained my job but got a hefty pay rise to boot.

I am also grateful that I had the will power to stop using cocaine. Was in the grip of that for a while there.

Very grateful for my dad who redesigned and built my bathroom.

sorry to hear about your father Sexy_S

I am grateful for my family and my health and for being very fortunate in this life so far.
many a time I get pissed off about things that relatively are trivial but on a good day I remember what I should be grateful for… which is a lot.

Im sorry to hear that dad has gotten cancer again. I lost my mother to cancer in 2004 after she had fighted the "damn" thing for 2 years. I know how hard it can be physical and the effects I can have on your family. My mother was the centerpice in the familypuzzle and when she was gone it realy was hard on us. This chrismas is the firsth time we dont have much contact with my mother side of the family, and its not gona be easy. Last chrismas we did spen your holydays at my mothers family, but it wast the same since she is no more the a happy and good memory in our heart. Me my sisther and my dad has gone throu some hard times these last 2 years. I can also see on my dad to now that his not the same strong man he once was. Hes turning 55 in just a few weeks and when I think back when he "only" was 50 he was strong as a bear. I was 20 the and even I was a bear in strength but I had problems when I was measure strength whit him. Now the last 2 years I can see that ageing does make a man change. Its strange since you thing that both you parents will live to they are like 80-90, but there are many things that we take forgranted. It like God is teaching us a hard lesson. A lesson you dont what to learn. The only thing I can say is that be gratefull for the life you have ( specialy us in EU & US ) and the partents you have, and it does not hurt to say thanks for the things the have doen for you. They may have worked hard so you can go to school etc. I hope cancer is a thing most people wont need to expirece, but for some its a reality that changes them for life. Friends and family is a great support at such times and I sure hope that those that have family and friends that go throu hard time backup eachother and give a should to cry on. I sure hope you dad gets better S_S. If there are any time you need someone to talk to just PM me.

Hi S_S. I’m real sorry to hear this about your dad. I wish to be able to say you something that can alleviate your suffering, but no dictionary can help me to find correct words. :frowning:

I’m particularly grateful for all things that life gave to me. A lovely family, very few but really trusted (and real) friends, and no deprivations. And also for all knowledges I collect in my life (I’m a curious person :slight_smile: ).

Many thanks for your appreciation S_S. Surely you’ll find all us in the forum.

Sorry to hear about your dad S_S.
I am grateful I got a mention with the others as one of your online friends. I am also grateful to be able to call you a friend as well.

who else would i talk motorcycles with and tattoos? :o

@S_s: I’m very sorry to hear that. I can somewhat imagine what you are going through and I know it must suck. Fact is that not much can be done about this all; it’s hard to stand something you cannot control. I wish you all the best. Sincerely.

So what am I grateful for? Though question to be honest. I guess I am grateful for my not-that-bad health. I’m grateful for those who care about me. And, silly as it may sound, for having 2 nice cats.


NEW question…

What were the most significant events of the year past? List the top three.

1.I fell in love- even though i got hurt
2.I have a new job
3.I’m still in remission !

  1. I become part of this forum
  2. I’m in health
  3. A couple of friends had a baby, and I’m a new …adoptive uncle

That totally sucks about your dad.
One of my High School friends died from cancer … no-one really knew she had it.Recently my friends mum also. And her father is in remission.
When you get old … I spose things start to break down.

Tis Great to know we’re all appreciated :wink:
And better still to call you a friend :slight_smile:

Oh dear …top 3 Achievements … I really don’t feel like I’ve achieved that much this year …

  1. Travelled to 2 countries, soon to be another 2.
  2. Bought a new Car
  3. Managed to teach my GF:kiss: how to control her temper … no small feat at all :iagree:
  1. I’ve developed myself more as a person (I guess you do that every year, but this one especially for me) as to who I will be when I’m older. I’ve lost a few friends and “friends” along the way, but I think it will work out.

  2. I found someone :slight_smile:

  3. I started visiting the local metal scene in my area (which is a big thing for me, so there!)

[li]2 promotions
[/li][li]house almost paid for (paid a big chunk this year)
[/li][li]too boring to have a 3rd

i’ve just been dumped by my girlfriend after 7.5 years (i’m gutted), and i now realise i’ve not been paying her enough attention lately and we’ve drifted apart, so when i do find another g/f i’ll make sure she get loads & loads of attention.

OK this weeks question…

How am I different this year than last?

For me this would be a difficult question.I would like to say I have changed as a person for the good…but honestly, I am not so sure if I have or even if I haven’t went the other direction and become a worse person. I do know I don’t like what I have become and I know I should work on being better.One day soon I will …but with that comes heartbreak…and chaos…I know this…I will lose some friends who will not accept me for changing…and I will make new friends…but being where I am at this point is not a happy place for me…and I am the only one whos put me here and the only one who can change it…

Hmmm, that’s a tough question, but I don’t think I have changed too much since last year. The only thing somewhat different is that I am more cynical about life now, which probably isn’t a good thing :frowning: