End of the road for CD burners - Well, bring us DVD then!

I just posted the article End of the road for CD burners - Well, bring us DVD then!.

While we recently reported about rumors about a 56/32/56 drive, ExtremeTech.com is reporting that the end of CD-RW drives is near. Not that they won’t be sold anymore, but that it is likely they…

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I agree. But the cdrw writing speed isnt 52x yet, so this can be encreasead. Gräfdig

uhm… err… well, i got a 10x4x32, which can clone about nothing and can’t even write cd-text; i doesn’t have any burn-proof, smart-burn nor safelink, but i like it and i think i won’t replace it soon…

Who cares about if we’ll go from 52x to 56x? It’ll shave off what…10 seconds from burning an 80 minute CD? Whooptie friggin doo. I just bought a Lite-On 40125S for $50. There’s no sane reason to spend more than that on a CD burner just to save a few seconds. Hell, after about 16x you’re splitting hairs.

why not make a multi-beam burner like kenwood did with their 72x cd-rom drive?

It’s much lower than that, for safety reasons. I’d say the highest that should ever be considered by companies is 40x. Anything higher than that is purely ludicrous and shows that certain manufacturers have no regard for quality or reliability. This is why Plextor only allows you to pass the 40x speed into a Boost Mode by manually setting the drive for every burn. It can either be done by a software command, or holding the eject button for something like 10 seconds. I’ve seen Plextor tests for high rotational speeds on CD-R media, and while I absolutely cannot release any information about those tests, I will comment that you should be happy that some companies care for your safety. There other companies (most listed above) are absolutely crazy. What I don’t understand is how enthusiasts like yourselves can swear by drives manufactured by companies that have no regard for quality of stability, just because you can get your SafeDisc 2.51 disc duplicated.

no 56x??? how will we live with our nanosecond attention spans waiting 10 seconds longer? I have a 8x SCSI plextor and I just upgraded to 20X with DVD the other week, why do I need faster, specailly with vari rec which limits the speed to 4x max.

Well, Plextor has been the most unreliable brand I have owned. Here was me thinking that all the extra expense of a Plextor would be worth it, but not so. I would say it’s Plextor that have no regard for quality or reliability. As far as I can tell, all this Plextor stuff is purely marketing hype which a lot of folks buy into. I will never buy any of their products again, and in the mean time I’m buying Lite-On until they give me a reason not to. I will say something for Plextor customer service though, they can replace a drive real fast!

You selfish buggers…we all want faster burners…no time to smell the roses anymore. I want a burner that will write as you are feeding the disc in…:7

Evil_Ally: I refuse to believe that it was an actual unreliablity and until you are able to prove it I suggest you return to the insane blur-rates of your Lite-On drive. :slight_smile: I, on the other hand, am sitting in a lab with over 40 Plextor drives, some of which are 5 years old. None of these drives have ever had a single problem. In short, I think it was either user error, one bad drive, or a misunderstanding of drive capabilities before the drive was purchased.

I do not know much about this multi-beam technology but if it’s anything like what I am thinking then there is your answer. Have either two laser diodes each burning a seperate ‘pit’ or one laser diode with a splitter that splits the laser into two beams ever so slightly apart with the splitter creating the secondary ‘pits’. Obviously there would need to be a controller for the second beam in order for you not to be duplicating what the previous beam wrote but I dare say it’s not impossible to do. That way you get two ‘pits’ written at the same time so effective a 52x writer would become a 104x writer.

The two drives that I had were a 32x SCSI and an 8432 CD-R. The CD-ROM made it to 10 months before being very kindly swapped for a new one by my retailer. It just stopped recognising CDs one day. The writer went wrong at about 11 months. It stopped recognising some discs and read others very slowly. Plextor replaced it with another one (very promptly), and the engineers report proved that there was “mechanical failure”. Both replacements are still working, however they are rarely used now. Now my m8 had exactly the same drives as me (I had recommended them before they broke down). His writer failed within two weeks (just stopped doing anything), and was replaced. It is still working fine, however the eject button fell off the front and he had to take the facing off to glue it back together. The SCSI CD-ROM also failed the same way as mine did, also needing replaced. I also have to note the very flimsy construction of the tray and eject mechanisms on the writers (although the CD-ROMs seem very solid and chunky). Now I am neither incompetent, nor lying. These are the facts. How can you say all of these drives were working perfectly and there was no unreliability involved? In light of all this, I would have to be off my head to recommend them or buy them again. I seem to have upset people in the past, because on the Internet, people take hardware personally. I feel as if I should put on an asbestos suit before voicing my opinions :4 However, I’m going to say “Plextor is great” just because everyone else is.

Wonderful, now we have some model numbers to work with. These drives are old, and you know that. The only drives from that era that are still kicking and are in use almost every day would be the UltraPlex 40. I don’t see how you can compare Lite-On products of this generation to Plextor devices of generations ago. I’ll tell you one thing, though. Those old Plextor drives have infinitely better quality than anything Lite-On would dream of having.

Plextor might be great, just not great enough to justify the price.

Yeah, that’s the general concensus one would expect from people not willing to buy a $50 video game.

Yes, the drives are old now, but they weren’t old when I bought them at the time! Like I said, they failed within a year of being purchased NEW. My trusty HP 2x still works, my Panasonic 4x still works, they are both far older and have burned a stack more discs. Is it unreasonable to expect a new drive to last at least outside of it’s warranty? I am not comparing Lite-On to Plextor here. It’s completely irrelevent that I own a Lite-On. I’m simply stating my personal experience with Plextor, take it or leave it.

I have two Plextor Writers, to those who say Plextor is not worth the money I disagree because I have used many CD-R’s over the years and Plextor always burns without errors no matter how crappy the disc.

Bah. So what. CAV sucks. Gimme 52x from the start and I’ll be impressed. :r

Hell, I’d settle for a burner that had a second read laser tracking what was just written, and verifying it against what was still in the 8mb buffer. That way I wouldn’t waste another 5+ minutes waiting for Nero to verify the burn. THEN, feel free to add an extra write laser or two. I’d love to be able to burn a whole cd, and be assured it was done correctly, in 1 minute or so.