End of the line for faster DVD Burners not far ahead

There doesn’t have to be a faster speed (RPM-wise) for Blu-Ray. The discs are the same size as CD and DVD. The data is more densely packed, therefore at the same rotational speed, more data passes under the laser in a given amount of time. For example, CDR can write about 7800KB/sec at 52x - this is about twice the roational speed as 8x DVD+/-R (about ~11040KB/sec) based on 16x DVD being near the same rotational speed as 52X CD as mentioned in the article. 16X DVD is a little over 20 megs a second at around the same rotational speed as the 52x max for CD. Expect a similar increase with Blu-Ray or any other format packing more data on the same disc size.

You’re correct about the current generation of SATA, but the next generation, SATA-II, will leave PATA behind. Not only does it offer 300MB/s, but it has NCQ (native command queuing), which will improve drive performance quite a bit.

Errmm…seems to be a misunderstanding about RAID here. Remember people that each drive in a RAID config has its OWN cable. :wink: The limitation on RAID arrays comes a little further up in the chain. As for DVD and Blu Ray, agree completely with the above post. Thing that seems scary about Blu Ray though is that if we do some quick calcs, assuming that a 4.8gb DVD goes at approx. 20mb/s, then a Blu Ray disc with 27gb (single layer) will go at over 100mb/s!!! That’s faster than 10,000rpm IDE hard drives.:X
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Yep I was going to post your exact same reply but you beat me to it :slight_smile: I guess Mr Sean Byrne didn’t read the info about BenQ in the last couple of weeks.

Don’t be so cynical my friend. It will happen. They have chips developed. Hell, even Pioneer’s A09 will come out with 4x DL speeds.

Don’t be so cynical my friend. It will happen. They have chips developed. Hell, even Pioneer’s A09 will come out with 4x DL speeds.

I still think the multiple reading/writing heads will be the next big “innovation” to allow faster reads/writes than the current 16x limit. :S

You misunderstood me, my bad - what i meant to say is that i dont believe they will ever reach 16x on DL media. 4x is feasible, not sure about 8x.

Somehow I don’t think so, although obviously it would be nice. Since a good few years has passed from when Kenwood did it with CDROM readers. They weren’t much of a sales success and there were compatability issues. Surely, if it was possible to do the multiple read/write thing for recorders then it would have been tried by now? (not only has DVD reading reached it’s max point since then, but so has cd-writing speeds. Thus, the ‘need’ has been there yet no company has released anything. Seems to indicate to me that there are major technical problems to be overcome).