End of my rope

I am 60 years old so please go slow. I want to burn google and utube
video. I can capture the file which is flv and save it to my harde drive
but what do I do after that and what do I do it with. brand name etc.

   ps I am grabing the file with orbit.  THANKS OLD AND DISORIENTED

You want to burn the videos to DVD? Do you have a DVD burner and if so, what brand/model? What brand/model computer do you have? What operating system do you use? Do you have any burning software like Nero? Do you have any blank DVD, if so, what brand?
You can use DVDFlick, http://www.dvdflick.net/, a simple and easy to use program, to burn your videos to DVD.

Thanks very much for your help!!! I downloaded Flick and it was just what the Dr. ordered. works like a charm. I did not know it could be so simple. Thanks again Al

i dont know if orbit matters but, try using convertX. When you download video files you have to convert them to make them readable on a dvd other wise you can only watch them on your computer