"End of life" 716A

I see this under the drive on the Plextor site…

Does that mean it is no longer for sale at Plextor’s site?

I know other retailers still have this model in stock so are new unit productions discontinued by Plextor?

I did a search on Plextors web site for “end of life” and came up with this so I would say the 716A is discontinued along with the other drives on that list. Some people have reported RMA-ing their 716’s and receiving 755 or 760’s as replacement drives for the 716A.:wink:

EOL means the drive is out of production and has been replaced with another model. For those items under warranty (2 yrs in EU), the company is legally required to replace, repair, or upgrade-at their option. Doesn’t mean you can’t still buy them somewhere, or that the company won’t support warranty from date of purchase, only that the company no longer makes or sells them to distributors.

Not bad, receiving 755/760 on RMA! :flower:

Not bad at all. I know from personal experience :bigsmile:

Same here. I had to RMA a PX-716SA a few months back and got a PX-755SA back.

That’s sweet, I wish my 716A was still under warranty. 760A has some of the best 8x DVD+R burns I’ve seen. Coloration is very uniform, as if burned at 2.4x

I think if people start to RMA their drives to get better replacement drives things will be bad for Plextor. :confused:

Damn, how can I rma a working drive? Any hint appreciated :).

I am not convinced that these new 2MB buffer drives will be better than the 8MB of 716A. People have tried to convince me otherwise in the past; but I just don’t see how a reduced buffer size can be considered an enhancement and not be seen as cutting corners.

I’m hoarding as many 716As as I can afford until the Blu-ray drive comes down in price – at least that drive still has 8MB cache. It’s just too bad we won’t know if it’s going to be the definitive standard.

The 755/760 is a far better burner concerning burning quality than 716. Thats why it is better machine then 716. :wink:

I’m with you.
716A with the 8 mb buffer was a great machine.
I also have stockplied 2 brand new in box for the end of production.
don’t have to have the latest burners for error free burns.
[marketing gets us every time.lol
If it was a smooth operator 2 yrs ago, no reason it won’t be for next few years

But there is no advantage you can draw from an 8MB buffer. The only thing where it is useful is if you are burning with GigaRec on a bad performing system with ugly slow HDD.

Burning speed and quality is not affected by buffer size. If you have slow system that isn’t able to deliver the data fast enough for full speed burning a larger buffer won’t help you either (just the first buffer underrun will occur 0.3 seconds later).

And reading discs doesn’t need that buffer either. Normal DVDROM drives like my Aopen 1648 have a 512k buffer size and are much faster in reading burned discs than 716 which has 16 times the buffer size.

You are probably correct in your assesment of 8mb buffer etc…

I guess I am basing my appreciation for the 716A in regards to burning well over 700 backups of movies alone and burning all movies at 16x in approx 4-6 minutes without as much as 1 or 2 coasters over time prompted me to buy another before they are all gone.
Hassle free burning is what it’s all about in the end I think…
even more than buffer speed…

I very much agree with that. The 716 has been criticised for a number of things, but when I look back my main experience with it was and is that (with very few exceptions) the discs that come out of it WORK. That’s the main reason i’m using Plextor drives.

Even at DL? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or at 8X? :bigsmile:

Maybe it`s worse at 16X…but in quality…naaa :disagree:

The diference is too litle, if there is any :slight_smile:

Not in DL writing. But at 16x 716 shows huge increase in PI/PO (I frequently had PI approaching 100, thats why I now only use 12x and not 16x on 716)errors when passing the 4 Gig mark. Even with high quality media like MCC004. This doesn’t happen in 760 there PI stays well below 20.