End of DVD does not play - Recorded with NEC 3520



I just bought a NEC 3520 from ebuyer.com and backed-up two films using DVD Shrink and Bulkpaq Printable 4x Media.

When i play one of the DVD’s in a dvd player, towards to end of the film, the DVD will not play it, it just freezes and the DVD player hangs. Even if i play this in the NEC writer, the dvd stills does not play the end, powerdvd just hangs.

I have never had a problem with this dvd player.

The other DVD i recorded is not using the full DVD right to the end and this plays fine.

so i think i have an issue recording films which take up the full DVD and playing them?

I just tried using TDK media and no problem.

I have also used the same Bulkpaq media with a Pioneer DVD Writer 108 model and no issues whatsoever.

My firmware is 1.04.

Any ideas, does this mean that the Bulkpaq media is not compatable with the NEC 3520?

Thanks In Advance!


Bulkpaq media is just rubbish, it should be made illegal for any company to even sell those discs (especially the tango ones).

Your drive is fine, give the bulkpaq to your enemy.

If you still rather use them then lower the burn speed (2.4x or lower recommended)


Bulkpac media suck big time :Z :Z :Z

crap in = crap out

do your self a favour and get some better media like TY, Verbatim.






e-buyer have also started to sell RICOH JPNR02 12X on 3520 and JPNR03 16X with modified firmware for both media’s.
If you don’t want to use modified firmware. try the JPNR02 sold as +R 8 speed.

They also stock Verbatim MCC003 +R 8X media which is also very good.