Encryption removal

is there anyway to burn ‘purchased’ Netflix DVD’s–i have DVD Shrink, Dvd43 and DVD Decrpter and 123 copy dvd–but nothing–gets to about 10% and stops(prior to burning–so no coasters)

you mean you’ve bought ex-rental dvds?

it’s the same process as backing up your new dvds except rentals tend to be beat up on by all of the previous customers (if it doens’t belong ot them, why take care of it, right?)

chances are they might be too scratched up to rip. you can see if your video store offers resurfacing for a small fee or check into purchasing a disc resurfacer.

the programs you mentioned aren’t the most up to date. if you’re looking for a free decryption solution give ripit4me or dvd fab decrypter a try before spending money on something to resurface the discs as it could be a decryption issue.

my guess is that the discs are just too beat up to rip accurately. when it “stops” are you getting a cyclic redundancy error?

It will also depend on how good is your drive. For example, yesterday I was ripping a movie that was bought from a Video Rental Store, and it was really uggly. I mean, scratches everywhere I looked. First I tried to rip it with my NEC 6650 drive, but kept getting error messages. I decided to rip it with my BenQ and it ripped w/o problems.