Encryption problems

hello all,
i am new to this game so please forgive my naivety.

i ripped a dvd with dvddecryptor in ifo mode then i used dvd2one to start the next stage.
dvd2one starts its magic then gives the error message “encryption detected”, its the first time i’ve had this happen, i have ripped a fair number of dvd before successfully.

i used dvddecryptor a second time, but got to the same point.

any help would be greatly appreciated



Refer to this discussion. It is under the process of fixing as per RaneB.


bsangam, I’ve posted to that thread you gave but it’s been closed for a week now. I’m wondering what progress has been made at this point by Rene, etal. This is the only problem I’m having that’s keeping me from buying the DVD2One software. Rene, or anyone who can repond, please tell me where you are on this issue. If you need a macro/region free disc, I’ll be glad to send you one…hopefully you can re-create the problem and come up with a work-around or something. thanks in advance!

I’d also like to know if theres any advances made with this problem…and for me it’s not a question of region/macro free DVDs.

DVD2ONE seems to love my Backaroo Bonzai DVD and will transcode it with no trouble, but the majority of DVDs I try give the encrypted data error.


I tried the new version. I still get the encryption error. Is it with me only?


We changed only little cause like explained in that other thread we will not go wildy changing our code if we are not sure that we are solving a problem.

Can you suply me EXACT DETAILS on the discs you have the problems with. (we need the UPC,NAME,REGION etc of that particulair disc(s), when in doubt scan the cover and mail it to me)

So we can see if we either have this discs, or we will simply buy it to test this problem ourselve!


Thank You for the prompt reply. As MadeinJapan was saying. Either he or she can send the disk or I can mail you the disk. The reason for saying so is that this is a movie from India. It is a region, macro free DVD. I can mail you the DVD. I can mail it to you that is not a problem to me. Let me know.


I just ran the 1.11 version on Shrek 2 Disc Special Edition - Region 1 - Disc 2 - Movie Only.

Older versions gave encryption error when running through this disc. Version 1.11 ran all the way through. Haven’t made/burned image yet but VOBS seem fine.

Don’t know if you changed something that made it start working, of if it was just another one-off fluke. Will try again in the morning with another disc.

I think this movie would have been small enough after stripping to fit anyway, but was still easier with DVD2ONE.

2 questions though…

  1. What should the standard setting be for DVD size? I changed it while playing around with the idea of stripping an episode from the Shield, but don’t remeber what it was before (4370?)

  2. I downloaded 1.11 to a Temp directory on my hard drive and then moved it to the folder I keep the other DVD2ONEs in. When it was in my Temp folder it had a nice little icon. When I moved it to the DVD2ONE folder the icon was replaced with the standard .exe icon…and the program would’nt run. I then tried to d’load the program to that directory, but couldn’t overwrite the version there. Tried to delete it and couldn’t do that either. Then I moved the other versions to my temp directory and deleted my DVD2ONE directory. I was able to do that, but now my older version have lost their icons and I’m guession they won’t run either. Anyway, I was able to down the new version to a new DVD2ONE directory and as stated above it seems to work…is this a byproduct of the protection scheme?

No, we do not track the location of the file on your harddisk!. Did you check your system for a virus or something like that?

DVD2one.exe can be run from anywhere on your system!

I have received the Encryption error also, and it was on my first disc tried. The error message says this: “Encrypted Data” “DVD2one cannot decrypt protected data”. I ripped the disc: “Pride:Cold Fury” with smartripper and removed macrovision. Why is this happening?

I tried The Cable Guy Region 1 and the same ‘Encryption Detected’ message came up

I too have now encountered the “encryption” problem with a full disc copy of Minder series 1 disc 2. Have you sen Minder in your part of Europe yet Rene? Doubt it m8, but it’s a cracking Brit comedy/drama series that makes me cry that I cannot record.

Funny thing is I then tried it with IC 7 which crashed and left the desktop without any warning twice in a row. :confused:

Please look into this Rene!

He is looking into it, but seems like it’s taking awhile. If you want to know one of the discs that has given me problems, it is the Logic Skateboard Media DVD called 3 Pack Collection Volume #2. They are sold at Target stores for about $9.99. logicskate.com and justpushplay.com have this series on their sites too. Region free and no encryption, so why does DVD2One have problems with it?

Almost all Indian DVDs are giving the same error - These are NTSC DVDs appeared to have been authored/created with no CSS or Macrovision to begin with. I used DVD Decrypter to rip in the file mode and chose ALL files.

Same result on almost all these ones.


You were correct, I did have a virus on my system. I’ve formatted and reinstalled WinXP (as well as new anti-virus software) and DVD2ONE 1.1.1 has run perfectly on 3 movies so far.

I can’t say for sure how long I had the virus so it may have been the problem right along, though I did a clean install once before and came up with the same error…(perhaps the the virus was in one of my backed-up programs - this time around I downloaded everything fresh and scanned as I did). It may be something you changed in the latest version as well.

My apologies to the DVD2ONE team - at least until I hit that encryption error again =)

ps my problem never involved non-encrypted dvd’s so does not have anything to do with the people having trouble with those.

Try using Ifoedit and see what happens. It has resolved many problems i’ve had with vob files

I tried Ifoedit to create new IFO files and still get the encryption error. My problem is with the non-encrypted, region free discs to begin with. Does anyone know how to encrypt the VOBs once they are ripped? Then I could rip the encrypted ones again (using a virtual disc such as Damaen Tools) and see if that takes care of things. Just a thought…

I’m getting the encryption error with movies that I’ve imported from a VCR -> Handycam -> iMovie -> QuickTime -> DVD Studio Pro. These movie’s have never been encrypted. So far I’m three for three. I thought I’d get better quality by encoding the movies to around 6 GB and then use DVD2one to compress them to 4.3 GB. It’s turning out to be a pain. They ALL get the error at 99/100%, basically, the movie gets compressed but the IFO files don’t get created… Sound familiar?

For the first movie I was using DVD2one 1.02, the other two have been 1.1.1. And yes, I have the NEW 1.1.1. I even installed Norton SystemWorks 2002 and checked my Windows system for viruses, none found. Then I spent the next 30 minutes trying to get rid of all the automatic crap that Norton installs :frowning: I was able to get the first movie working with IfoEdit, the second one didn’t like IfoEdit. So I found DVD Toolbox 0.10.2b at Doom9. I was able to get the second movie working by placing the original IFO files in the destination folder and having Toolbox ‘Strip & Split’. Toolbox updates the IFO files after Stripping and that fixed the second movie. For the third, I had Toolbox Strip the original and then ran DVD2one again. NO ERRORS this time! Interesting, to say the least. Now let’s see about movie number 4. Are we having fun yet?

Thanks TugBoat…I’ll go and get DVD Toolbox and see if I can make a go at it. One thing confuses me about your post…let me see if I understand- you copy the original IFO files to the destination folder? Hmmm…I’m lost. Could you go into a bit more detail as to how you did all of this. In my case, I can rip the VOBs and IFO…from there is where I’m stuck…
Thanks in advance. If this works, we should make a new thread here as a work around to this encryption issue for DVD2One, and I will definitely buy the software from there.