Encryption detected ? help



Hi ,

First sorry for my english :slight_smile:

When i try to backup a dvd , i have the message "Encryption detected " and the prg stop after 2-3 seconds…

i suppose that the dvd is protected agains copy

in the forum , i can read ;

Q:) When i want to process a DVD the program says: Encryption detected
A:) DVD2one can not decrypt discs, use a other tool for that (google is your friend)
I don’ t understand "google is your friend " , what tool use for break this protection ?

thank in advance


Being that you’re a newbie, I’m assuming you are using your DVD in your DVD-drive as your source. If you are, it doesn’t work that way.

You have to use a ripping program like SmartRipper or DVD Decrypter to strip away the protection while your files are being downloaded to your harddrive.

By the way, “google is your friend” means use :bow::bow:www.google.com to search for your answers or programs. I could also say “yahoo is your buddy”.:bigsmile:

Oh, I forgot to mention…Welcome to the forum! and into this wonderful world of DVD backups!:smiley: