Encrypting/copy protecting a cd

o.k hello forum!

Working on a tutorial cd. Have done some copy protection, clone cd is not able to create image. However no sweat for isobuster. what do you suggest to defeat/cheat isobuster? in other words how can I hide folders or files from isobuster?

Is there any “no user interaction” (no password requirement) encryption method/software to encrypt a cd? I have searched all over the internet with no luck. would appreciate any comments.

Thanks for your input.

welcome. have you tried a forum search? this question is brought up and addressed roughly once a month.

the short answer: no you cannot copy protect your own work…movie studios and record comapnies with millions of dollars to license copy protection cannot protect their discs and it logically follows that neither can Joe Consumer.

There are a few rudimentary programs that will probably stump your average 2nd grader that doesn’t have access to google and that’s about it. for a more detailed listing and description of these programs you can either wait for someone to come in here and list them or see if you can dig up some of the old threads on the issue.

thanks. Actually my question is not really about copy protecting since I have done it already, which I know it is just for an average user as you mentioned. I have done a lot of search all over the internet for months.

I would like to know if there is away to defeat isobuster and that if there is any encryption method to encrypt cd without user interaction?