Encrypted Movie files on hard drive

I had recently posted this in the newbie forum but i was told to come here.

I would like to know how to decrypt dvd files that were copied to my hard drive from a dvd then be able to burn them with CloneDVD, the DVD is ruined, and all I have are the files that were dragged from the dvd. Please help

(clone DVD wont let me put them on DVD because they are still encrypted)

How you’re able to rip a protected dvd to your hd without any tool?

I inserted the DVD into my ibook (OS X) then just dragged the audio_TS and video_TS folders on to the HD (still have the encryption) then put those folders on to a network drive.and then moved them to my win XP desktop.

Heh, the idea was to search here and gather information to make a choice of which software utility to use. Sorry it wasn’t clear.

Nevertheless, the tools mentioned in the other thread will work for your application. Either AnyDVD or DVDShrink will decrypt the files stored on your machine. As an added bonus, you won’t have to go through the steps you’re going through presently.

Uhhhhhh, do the “ripped” files that were copied actually play??? I’m guessing no.

Well first off. What were you using? Some trail software? Get DVD Decrypter (It is free) http://www.filewire.com/download.php?id=e52d88bd1c6789a741e33c8
and if you don’t have the cd any more try burning the vob by this method get folder to iso http://www.trustfm.net/divx/SoftwareFolder2Iso.html and convert the folder the vobs are in to a iso. Then start up CloneCD or DVD Decrypter. Burn it to a DVD then put it back into your drive and copy it again using DVD Decrypter. Oh ya and BTW you cant copy data to a disk using CloneCD you gotta get somthing like Nero or Roxio.