Encrypted Email Software

I’ve searched Google to no avail for an Email client that encrypts the local mailboxes on the computer, preferably something strong like blowfish, and decrypts via a password (obviously). Anyone know of anything like this? Preferably free. I refuse to use PGP+Outlook (outlook rules… if you like virii). Thanks for all input.


Well, there is some program that can do this (and it’s even free)… I believe it’s called SecuMail, SecureMail or something like that.

If you are interested, I’ll look it up tomorrow (can’t do it right now cause I’m not at home)…

Couldn’t find anything for SecuMail…

I found this while looking for SecureMail:


which looks like a point to point encryption app.

Its hard to find a local encrypting email client among the horde of point to point encrypting ones. :frowning:


You can use hushmail or mailvault, wich provide free accounts, or anonymizer etc.

Since e-mail is split up into packets while sending it is encrypted already.

If you want to send it encrypted (keeping in mind the user on the other end needs to have the encryption to read it) outlook or outlook express will do that. Read the help files for setting up details.

What I would do if I were you, since I assume you don’t want anyone reading your mail? Is set your client so you need to type the password in each time.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help if the person has Admin on the windows comp, they just copy your mail files into their mail folder and run the program. I need local encryption. There are also a lot of programs that will parse the raw mailbox files. Web based is not an option, I need an address book and sent history, etc.


if a user has admin on a windows machine, they can ruin most email security setups without much effort.

I don’t care about ruin, I just don’t want them to be able to read it.


if thats all you are worried about, (since i cant find an encrypted email client), couldnt you backup everything related to your profile to a disk, and keep nothing on the hard drive?

That is possible, however that would restrict the space available for mail to the size of a floppy. Unless I could store them compressed and decompress when needed. But that just seems like a lot of work for something pretty simple :(. If someone needs an idea for a program, this is a good one.


tried eudora? im unsure of how to get it to encrypt local mailboxes.

i agree with the aforementioned idea, but this is finals week. perhaps an xmas break thing. my first inclination is, rather than rewrite an entire email client, to have a wrapper program run the client, that decrypts the mail folder based on a user password, and re-encrypts it after the client terminates.

my 2 cents.

Originally posted by audiocopy
Since e-mail is split up into packets while sending it is encrypted already.

tcp numbers the packets sequentially, so that if some arrive before others, they can be reordered properly.

basic tcp header - sorry for formatting, stolen from

|          Source Port          |       Destination Port        |
|                        Sequence Number                        |
|                    Acknowledgment Number                      |
|  Data |           |U|A|P|R|S|F|                               |
| Offset| Reserved  |R|C|S|S|Y|I|            Window             |
|       |           |G|K|H|T|N|N|                               |
|           Checksum            |         Urgent Pointer        |
|   your data ...                                                          |

Thats not a bad idea and I’d settle for a wrapper. Haven’t tried Eudora yet, I’ll see if I can find a trial of some sort.