Encrypted DVD supposedly holding 185 GB?!? (Apple - iMac)

I’m trying to copy the Video_TS folder of an encrypted movie DVD onto my desktop (iMac OS X). It says I don’t have enough room, and the folder info tells me that the folder is 185 GB big!! I checked with a couple of computers, always the same answer.

How can that possibly be??


Have you tried using a decrypter program like MacTheRipper?


Added some info to the thread title and moved it the copy dvd forum.

Thanks for your reply, Whappo!

Yeah, I tried that. Gives me error messages:

  • Read Error:
    Can’t open VMG file info

  • I/O error:
    Can’t read DVD title set info

It’s a special screener DVD, and I guess they really are serious about me being the only one able to watch it. I just want to back it up onto my computer.