Encrypted and can't Copy ? -Using AnyDVD / 1Click or PRO ==> Here's Help!

Are you using the latest versions of 1ClickDVDCopy or 1Click PRO
with AnyDVD ?

Are you receiving the following message ?
“This movie is encrypted, if you are using a decrypter you need to restart your computer”

[B]You will need to CHECK - the ‘Aggressive I/O Mode’

  • in the AnyDVD Settings [/B]

You may need to :

> Empty your DVD Drives
> In the AnyDVD Settings
>> Check the 'Aggressive I/O mode" Option > Ok
> Right Click on the AnyDVD Fox in your Taskbar > Exit

> Restart AnyDVD from ‘All Programs’
> Try again

It may be necessary to Reboot your Computer

  • after changing this setting - to enable the 'Aggressive I/O Mode"

Here’s some reading - on the Subject :


My settings does not have the “aggressive i/o mode” option and my computer crashes when I try to run 1 click dvd…?