EncoreDVD problems

I’ve been trying to burn my own DVDs with EncoreDVD for quite some time now with no success. I made the menus, set up the links, and everything works perfect in the preview, but when I try to build the DVD I get the following error message:
“Sorry, an abnormal condition has been detected. Before quitting, you have one chance to save your project (don’t use the same name as the original).”
I recently reinstalled the program, after I constantly got this error message at the same point:
“You have encountered a Really Bad Error ™. You had better stop before it gets worse.”
I’ve tried with different discs:
RiData 4x DVD+RW, Ritek 2x DVD-R, and Longten 4x DVD-R.

AMD Athlon XP 1800
1.53 GHZ
60 GB UDMA-100 5400 RPM H
ATI Radeon 7200 64MB
Windows XP Home
I/O Magic 1008IM DVD ±RW/±R