…it’s possible to detect if the encoder starts or not?? (more or less 4.7gb)

Is also possible to detect the encoding type… (less or more compressed)??

Thx in advance


question not understood

hmm…i think he wants to know if the software tells you if encoding is needed or not.
because he pointe to the 4.7 gig.

above 4.7 encoding is needed,else not.

Thx damiandimitri,

how you say i needs to know if dvd2one starts the transocode session (or not)
Many times happen that removing also only the subtitles you can avoid that the encoding starts…, with better video results.

Thx 4 help

N.B sorry 4 my fake eng. :confused:

Onion…what language do you speak normaly in the country you live??
Perhaps we can find some one to translate it for you on this forum.

Ok…an other try
(correct me if i am wrong)

You only need dvd2one if you have movies bigger then 4.7 gig.
If you only want to get strip a dvd, without transcoding/encoding, you can use other software

for example

dvd2dvd-r which is freeware (you need sometimes cce too)
or look here



hopes this will help you