What is it and why does it take sooo long? Is there any way to speed it up?

Have you tried looking up video encoding on wikipedia or googling it? You can also learn about it at www.videohelp.com. For most purposes when you see encoding, and it has to do with video, it is converting avi to mpeg, or avi to divx, etc… It takes time, because it is doing a lot of processing, compression, and analysis. Figure that one second of video, is 29.97 frames. Ten seconds of video is 290.97 frames. So 2 hours of video, is one heck of a lot of frames…

And with programs like DVD Shrink it is not only encoding, it is decrypting and compressing everything to fit on one disc. If you are doing a movie leave all the extras out. Just doing the movie only can speed things up a bunch.

So would I be better off when capturing video to capture it in MPEG2 instead of AVI? Would that speed up the encoding?

You should be able to immediately author it to DVD format , rather than have to encode it.

So yes , a considerable amount of time would be saved.

Ahhhh! and really, no quality would be lost as it would be converted to mpeg2 anyhow… correct?


Clearly, it is transcoding.