Encoding with CCE (yes I read the FAQ!)

I know that this point is already in the FAQ, but here in France there is really a lot of people who think using CCE or TMPG with your software would be a really really useful feature , because there is already some softwares for the rapidity and the full disk copy (Dvd2one, dvd95, instant copy), there is also some softwares which make a 1:1 copy and keep the original quality but using 2DVDs (dvdcloner,dvdXcopy);
And there NOT any software which use CCE or TMPG and make a 1:1 copy (even if it is not quick).
I sure believe this must be pretty difficult to do, but i think this great feature would let you have REALLY MORE customers…

“We can stand here like the French, or we can do something about it.”
---- Marge Simpson

Like explained in the faq, the changes of that to happen is about zero to none!

Not to sound rude or something, but if you wanted to use something like CCE there are other tools on the market who can do that.
The unique part of DVD2one is the lightning fast engine, and that’s what we will use in the programm.
What’s the use of implanting something like CCE in DVD2one?

I understand the difficulties in using CCE generated streams in other programms like IFOedit. The timestamps and information are completely different then in the original stream. And therefor the VOB must be rebuild entirely including new pointers and such.
That’s the reason why IFOedit works perfectly with ReMpeg streams and less flawless with CCE/TMPEG streams.

DVD2one will never be a complete authoring solution, we never intended to make that.
But the quality of output generated by DVD2one will increase in the future, because we still have some ideas to make the engine a bit better.
But don’t ask me when, but i can asure you it will come in time!.