Encoding VCD to DVD

I’m a n00b on this forums and have searched the various threads to see if i could get an answer to my question but i haven’t been able to find one. I downloaded a video file which is already in VCD(mpeg-1) format but i want to convert it so that it would be DVD compliant(Mpeg-2) and also be able to re-author it, then play it on my stand alone dvd program. Also, the file is in Pal so i’m going to be changing it to NTSC. :frowning: I used winavi to convert the file to mpeg-2 but it didn’t work out and i tried using other programs but the main problem is that the file is not an .avi. It is like directly a VCD format. I managed to get the Gspot screen uploaded and would appreciate it if someone could advise me on what to do to.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sorry for a little dumb question, but why you want convert in DVD format? Usually standalone players are able to play VCD.

Anyway can try TMPGEnc to convert in mpeg-2. To reauthor can use DVD author from the same site.

Thanks for your quick reply. I actually use a Playstation2 to watch my dvd’s at college so that’s why im doing that.

I just downloaded TMPGENC and hopefully i would be able to work it out. I wouldn’t mind a link for the program guides because i noticed that vcd to dvd is not that common(only if u know about one though). I’m just checking videohelp.com and can’t really come up with a newbie guide

Thanks again

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

A little feedback.

TMPGENC worked perfectly for me. i have encoded the files to dvd format so it remains authoring then burning it to the dvd.

Thanks for your help and the forum in general