Encoding stops at 32%

Hi all, I’m trying to encode a movie with DVDShrink (which so far has always been successful) and it stops encoding it at 32% and says “Error reading disc, cyclic redundancy error”. When this has happened to me with CD’s in the past it has normally meant the discs is not readable after that point or at least for that portion of the disc. Would it mean the same thing as well with DVD or something else?


Yeah, about right - sounds like scratch/es &/or dirt.

Okay. Thanks. I won’t bother to keep trying with that one then.

you can try using another program (such as dvd decrypter) to rip the disc image onto your hard drive. if that’s successful, then you can mount the image with a program like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% and use dvdshrink on the image.

Or just rip with Decrypter in file mode and then Shrink on the ripped files.

Yup, if you rip in file mode it automatically puts the files into a burnable VIDEO_TS folder for ya. Anyways, I have only found one instance where DVD Decrypter has read a disc that DVD Shrink wouldn’t, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up on that one.

I won’t bother. It’s no big deal anyway. it’s probably just the disc anyway.