Encoding speed

Hi all!

Im in the process of ripping my first DVD and I decided on using vidomi following CMs guide. Might have to do it all over since I only read about the possible audio probs after I started the encoding.

Anyway, what Im wondering is what kind of encoding speed you folks get? I understand that the encoding process will take some time but vidomi has been on the job for 10,5h now and says it still has about 9 to go. The DVD is about 2:20h.

Im on a 1,4G machine. Hm… maybe I f-ed some settings. Oh well time will tell :slight_smile:

So, what CPU speed do you have and how long does it usually take your machine to encode a movie?

You didn’t say what codec you were using or what settings. These make a huge difference in terms of encoding speed, also quality.

Any filtering, including resizing also effects encoding speed.

Personally I would recommend encoding using VirtualDubMod over Vidomi. Although the learning curve is probably a little steeper, using GordianKnot should help.

Sorry bout that.

Im using divx5 (adware version) with ‘quarter pixel’, GMC and bidirectional encoding. Dont know what they do I just read they are good :slight_smile:

Im considering trying xvid, is it better in anyways except that its free?

Im resizing, apparently something one has to do with 16:9 material if I got it right, and cropping.

If you use matroska instead of AVI as a container then you don’t have to resize, you can set the aspect ratio and it will resize to the correct resolution on playback, much like the original DVD does.

Not sure if GMC does anything in DivX as I believe it is still only one warp point, could be wrong though.

XviD uses 3 warp point GMC, at least in dev4api.

There are different kinds of resizes, some faster than others at the expensive of quality/detail.

XviD also supports different quantizer matrix other than h.263, seperate settings for credits, along with some other usefull things, definatly worth checking out.