Encoding speed......!


I have very slow encoding speeds on my pc. It takes 1 hour to encode a DVD to the Hard drive.

Some info,
OS: Windows 2000 pro sp4
DVD writer: NEC 3250A (secondary slave) (firmware 1.04) (with ultra DMA mode)
Hardware: p3 500mHz, 320mb ram.
Software: Using Nero re-code to encode (as its faster than dvd shrink)

Is there any way to increase the encoding to hard disk speed. I’ve read other posts where people can encode and burn a dvd in less than 30 mins.

I’ve tried the 1.f3 mad dog firmware, but this reduced the encoding time to 50 minutes.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have the exact same problem. At first people told me to enable DMA (In device manager) But that didn’t work. I still have to wait over 1 hour for a DVD to rip. If anybody has any solutions, please post! Thanks

Its because of your processor, encoding is directly linked to the speed of your

oh, wow

Buy a new PC or split the DVD so you don’t have to transcode.

I was thinking about this last night. Some of my DVD’s take 1 hour to encode, and some just 20 minutes. Why is this?

Some of my DVD’s take 1 hour to encode, and some just 20 minutes. Why is this?

Probably because some are dual-layer and some are not. Most PC DVD drives cannot read dual layer disks as fast as single layer disks. A way I use to tell the difference is by looking at the data side. If it’s a gold color it’s dual-layer, if it’s silver colored it’s single layer.

Encoding speed depends on your memory, processor, and whether you are encoding to your primary hard drive, or a secondary hard drive. Just writing to a secondary hard drive alone will help cut down your encoding time. But it also helps to have 1gb of memory, and a fast processor.

A better way to tell the difference between dual and single layer discs is to check near the hub of the data side. You will see in the silver part, before you get to the data, there will be a small “bar code” printed. If you only see one, it is single layer. If you see a second bar code, and it is slightly farther out from the first one, it is dual layer.

At least, that is what I have noticed with all of my discs. Can anyone else verify that this is the case?

While I think you guys are right about single and double layer read speed possibly having an effect, another thing that I think effects it is the amount of compression required. I have noticed that the more compression it takes, the longer it takes. Even with all dual layer disks, the time can vary depending on how much compression must be used.
As far as the dual layer thing, looking at several, they do seem to have two barcodes. I don’t have any single layer (that I know off the top of my head are for sure single layer) to be able to check. Another thing that might help determine it is the color. Unless I am mistaken, pressed dual layer disks have a slight goldish tan hue to them where single layer are silver.

Thanks for your help guys, I will upgrade my processor and get some more ram.

Keep another thing in mind. I’m not sure exactlly what upgrades you have in mind but a good motherboard and memory that matches the speed of you bus/cpu can help a lot too. If a motherboard hapens to be part of your upgrade, don’t skimp. Spend a little extra and get a good motherboard as it can make a decent diffrence. If your current mother board can support something beter then that wouldn’t apply to you of course. Just a few tips that may or may not apply depending on what and how you are going to upgrade.