Encoding speed of DVDFab Platinum


I’m new to DVD ripping. Please excuse any idiotic questions. These questions may have also been asked before, but I didnt spot the answers on a quick search of the forum. :cop:

I’m demo’ing DVDFab Platinum after having it recommended on another forum. I’m trying to put some of my DVDs onto the iPod… so that I dont need to carry the DVDs and DVD player around… just the iPod (and cable to TV). So far I’m very impressed with DVDFab platinum, all-in-one solution. However, I have three questions:

  1. Different encoding tools seem to encode at different quality compared with each other. Is there any option to change the codec on DVDFab for a better quality codec, even at the cost of some encoding speed? Or is DVDFab really as good as the best out there?

  2. I have a Q6600. I notice that my maximum encode rate is approx 60fps, but the processor utilisation varies between 5% and 35% across the 4 cores. Why is that? Is the DVD reader restricted to 2x DVD read speed? It seems that the DVD rip speed is the bottleneck not the CPU encoding. If DVD ripping cannot be speeded up, then (see 1 above)… I’d prefer the CPU not to idle so much and use some of the CPU power to improve the encoding quality. Any suggestions?

  3. This is a very basic question: I have two iPods, one (older) original video iPod, and one newer touch. I dont want to encode in TWO formats! I’d like to encode in the better quality 720x format that works on the touch. However, if I encode at this resolution, can I still play the movie on the (older) ipod? I know the built in screen wont show that resolution, but is the device capable of playing this video format on the cable OUT to the TV?

Thanks for any info!

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