Encoding special edition dvds

Ive got a couple of those dvds. You know the ones that have the theatrical version and the special directors cut. The ones I have are Terminator 2 and The Abyss. I can rip just fine, but encoding is a different story.

Ive been using gordian knot for the last few ripped dvds and got it down good. But when i tried to do T2, i get it set up and after it finishes encoding i go and play the finished file. Notew im encoding into divx5.02.

Here’s the problem, during playback, it continually shifts back and forth between scenes in close proximity to each other. My guess is that its off because of an added or deleted scene in the directors cut.

Is it possible to separate the special edition from the theatrical version in the same vob files? Do i need to edit the ifo file or something? I am thorughly confused about this.

also T2 is about 2.5 hours and The Abyss is almost 3.5. DOnt know if tht makes a difference.


If you have the option to play both versions of T2, then open the version you prefer (widesreeen or standard), then open your favorite DVD Video player (PowerDVD) and let play for 30 seconds or so then close. I’ve had option with some movies to play widescreen or standard and I’ve had success encoding both versions. If your having audio sync problems then go back to DivX 3x or 4x. I prefer Vidomi for DivX and this program is considered by many the best out there. I’ve tested both and find the video quality the same but Gordian Knot tut a bit more tedious than Vidomi’s. Use BSPlayer for playback :smiley: Just suggestions here m8

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

its not an issue of aspect ratio for widescreen or not. The special edition is longer than the theatrical version and it keeps skipping back and forth between theatrical and special. Also, i used vidomi for the longest time and had great success. But when i tried using vidomi for t2 it would complete the first pass and then get an error. SO now i am using gordian knot because its a little fastr for me and it gets the file sizes almost perfect.

My question here is when insert T2, do you have the option to choose “special edition or theatrical edition” on same disc? If so then do as I mentioned above, if not then disregard. There is an option for output file size and every movie I’ve encode with Vodomi got the file size right down to the “t” :smiley:


there is an option to switch back and forth but both versions are contained in the same vobs. The player just magicall yknow how to play each version

I’ll rent T2 this weekend and give it a go with DVD2SVCD and see if I can encode both versions m8. I’ll get back with you on this one and see how it goes :smiley:

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

thanks a whole lot. Its good to know that there are people on this forum with enough dedication to help someone that they’ll spend their own money, :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thank you so very much.

BTW, its terminator 2 - judgement day - The ultimate edition dvd

did you ever rent the movie? I guess i’ll just give up on encoding this.

Your problem is that you have ripped the WHOLE vob files to the HD intact. Both versions have many common scenes so they mix the 2 versions into the one set of VOB files.

Simply use SmartRipper to rip the movie to the HD but make sure you select one chain only. It wont tell you which one is which, so extract each to separate folders, then just play the VOB files with WINDVD to tell which one is which. Then rip the one your after by loading the IFO file.

awww. now i see. Thanks I will try that tonight.

thanks chickenman, i got it to work. Only problem is that since the movie is 2.5 hours i had to make it a 2 cd rip. But i can split it real easy. Thanks.

Thats good news, cheers