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I currently rip with DVD Shrink and then either burn through Nero or Decrypter. However, with shrink in re author mode, you cannot do anything with the menu (apart from having a still image displayed). Recently, I have had discs that have the normal main menu and the movie buttons operational, but the extras etc have been removed so when you select them they are not on the disc, therefore preserving the look and functionality of the menu. Can anybody tell me what software is capable of carrying out this task and how I can get hold of it please.


I would think DVD Shrink would be capable, but I dont know it that well. Clone DVD can do it, you just rip the ‘title only’ and tick ‘preserve menus’. Or conversely select ‘Clone DVD’ and remove unwanteds manually.

Have been playing aroundwith shrink for the past 2 years and have never found a way of doing it. Thanks for your help.

If I understand you correctly, you want to ditch extras and keep main movie and menu? Get TitlesetBlanker and/or VobBlanker. Before apps like that came out, and before I decided I didn’t care about menus, I did this:

Rip all files in File Mode (DVDDecrypter). In DVDShrink, open folder and select VTS_xx.IFO of main movie instead of usual VIDEO_TS.IFO manager. Notice extras are not included. Shrink as usual, don’t reauthor, backup. Hold on! If you burn it now, it won’t play. Start DVDFab 0.17.1 (free) and click “Create Video Manager” (VIDEO_TS.IFO). Select shrunken folder and click continue…VIDEO_TS.IFO is created in folder. (Done in less than a second). Burn it.

I still like that method, as main movie autoplays, but the menu is accessible from your remote. Take an extra step with IfoEdit to make menu autoplay first.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

thanks guys