Encoding question?

I recently formatted my computer and since then, the encoding process seems to take double the amount of time?
I am wondering if this is anything to do with the codecs i have installed? I installed the K-Lite codec pack. I dont know alot about codecs so any help in that department would be appreciated.
Also any help in what im doing wrong with the encoding would be great too.

Oh, i use nerovision express to encode the files.

thanks alot

Do you have anything running in the background that might be slowing it down? Also, have you tried defragmenting your drive? I don’t think the codecs would be the problem, because if you didn’t have the right codec(s) it wouldn’t work at all, not just slower.

I wouldn’t install a codec pack. To many ppl have problems with them. Install a codec/s when/if needed. Go in control panel to device manager and check your ide controllers and make sure your drive/s are set to dma. Inot set to dma uninstall the controller/s and reboot your system and check to see if they are now set to dma.

I use an app called VideoInspector which identifies the codecs used by an avi file & enables you to download just that codec if required. Far better than some of these packs which can , and often do, overwrite a good codec with a lesser one.

okeydokey thanks alot for your replies. i will certainly look into those.