Encoding NTSC DVD to PAL

I have a region free NTSC DVD and I want to encode it into PAL as my TV doesn’t support NTSC. I have Nero 6, DVD Decrypter, Pinnacle Instant Copy, Alcohol 120% and DVD Shrink 3.2 installed on my system. Will any of these programs do what I want?

Straight answer is NO.

Except if you have Nero Vision Express with your Nero Suite then Yes.

Its a lot hassle to do what you want, and the quality will be affected as well.
Im not saying buy a new TV, but you could invest in a RGB cable?
Problem Solved!

erm i have a ntsc avi file which i want to convert to pal. when i do this with dvd2svd the sound is serveral minutes out of sych!!! what can i do to correct this problem?

my dvd player is connected with a scart lead and i think it has an ntsc mode so will it just play an ntsc version?

If your Scart capable you can play PAL or NTSC. Nero Vision Express is OK, but I’ve converted all my U.S. cheap bulk buys to PAL using TMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress, with no loss of quality. Its a stuff around yes (takes a long time) but easy enough.

sound i’ll give tmpgeng a try, see what that does.
like your hooded animation!!!