Encoding Mpeg1 Files



I have a MPEG1 video+audio file and would like to re-encode it so that it occupies less space on a CDR.

The original MPEG file was approximately 700 MB and I have just finished encoding it with Dr DivX to get the following:

Length: 01.11.50
DivX Video: 550 kbps average bitrate
MP3 Audio: 64 kbps average bitrate
Resolution: 320x240
Frames Per Second: 29.970
File Size: 320MB

This was made with the default ‘High Standard’ Profile in DivX Pro (v5.1.1).

I would like to have made it smaller and was wondering if I could do so if I encoded it to OGM or MVK format.

I have the following tools at my disposal (including bundles of patience :stuck_out_tongue: ):

DVD Womble
Virtual Dub
Dr DivX
Video Cleaner (? Converts files to different formats)

And if that wasn’t enough of a job, I need to then be able to zip the end file up so I can send it via the net. I’ve tried WinRAR and UHARC as compressors but both give me roughly the same end file sizes.

Your help and advice would be appreciated.

chrome :confused:



Meant to add the Video Cleaner prog is made by River Past
Also VCD Gear


I doubt you could get a 1hr+ video to email size and still retain watchable quality. I had fun trying to get a 5min video below 10meg at decent quality! I think tools like Dr. DivX and Nero Recode allow you to specify a total output size. Also, as the video is already compressed, ZIP’ing the file won’t make much difference. Not sure about OGM or MVK formats… try it and see I guess?


Thanks for getting back to me, if you wanted some info on OGM (ogg format for video) have a look here:

And info on the MVK (Matroska) format can be found here:


Anyway, keep you posted if I manage to solve this problem!



Hi Chrome307,

Try selecting the low quality profile in Dr. Divx which should give you a smaller file(as my guess would be that high standard means high quality which usually means larger size). But smaller than 100 mb would be doubtful without making the video unwatchable.

Hope this helps.