Encoding movies to VCD-File size to large for burner

I have many movies downloaded from the internet (various formates). They are taking up too much space on my HD. I am using NERO 6 to burn these into VCD format.
Encoding the movies enlarges the file size such that most are now over my 700 mg length. Obviously Nero does not support disc spanning.
Is there any software I can use so I can burn these using multiple discs and then play back on another VCD player.
Your advice would certainly be appreciated. I have spent many hours searching and dowloading programs that won’t work

Originally posted by crshields
I have many movies downloaded from the internet (various formates).
Hmmm, sounds fishy. These are legal?:cop:

Hi crshields;

First things first what exactly are you trying to do here, examples being do you wish to play these files back on your PC or do you wish to play them on your standalone player.

Why do you use VCD format?

Do you have access to a DVD burner because you could just backup several files on disc and some of the newer standalone players will still play these mine even creates a menu so you can choose which track to play.

Assuming these are legal files:

-Download TMPGEnc
-Open it
-Close the wizard
-File> MPGEG Tools
-Merge & Cut (Tab)
-Type 'MPEG-1 Video-CD (Pulldown Menu)
-Add (Button)
-Select the MPEG you want to cut
-Double-click the file
-Select halfway through the movie (EG. If it is 1:00 long, click (0:30 or a new scene)
-Select the end symbol (I think it is ‘}’)
-Cut it

I don’t have a movies called “fishy”
I want to play these on a stand alone player
I tried TMPGEnc—I have two problems
First it wouldn’t recognize any files which were not Mpeg (most are not mpeg).
I selected an mpeg file and cut it per your directions and now it won’t open and play–says windows doesn’t know what program created it. I want to burn and play.
Additional question. If I buy a DVD burner, will it burn any formate with out conversion?
Thanks for responding


What format are the files that you download if they are not Mpeg? Also, stand alone players do not have Windows so you should not have gotten an error about ‘Windows doesn’t know what program created it’ when you tried to play it. If you get a DVD burner, you will still need to convert the files you download into a playable format that is supported by your stand alone DVD player.

Files are various. AVI,DIVX,ANGEL Potion, etc, etc
I didn’t get the message when I tried to play on a stand alone player but when I tried to open with xp. I however figured that problem out. Even tho it won’t open it will still burn and then play in my stand alone player.
I am assuming I have to convert all files (not MPEG) into Mpeg to use the program I was recomended above.