Encoding issue h.264 aac 29.97 fps source

Howdy All -

I started encoding my library and have found that with version there seems to be an encoding issue when outputting to h.264 (1 or 2 pass) 2000 kbps when the source frame is 29.97.

I have changed the source frame to other settings, but it doesn’t seem to hold the setting it was set to. Going back into the conversion settings will still show the 29.97 framerate.

The issue is seen during playback, especially on the edges of things as they move - there is like a horizontal lined distortion - and pixelation around suddle the horizontal lines.

Anyone else seen this? A way around it?

Other source framerates encode and play great!


You probably need to upgrade to v5.3.0.6 and try the new Force Deinterlace option and select 23.976 fps for filmed content, 29.97 for video shot with a camera (in most cases).
Not clear if you are choosing the actual framerate or using Same As Source. The setting should be remembered–it is for me with Which Profile are you using?

Use the new Mobile/VideoFab sub-forum in the future for questions or problems with these modes of operation. It is monitored by DVDFab authors.