Encoding is slow

i am having a problem while converting a movie clip to the dvd format in order to burn in to play it on my DVD player…it takes toooo long to convert bout 3 hours to burn a 700mb movie

Make sure that:

a) Your writer or ripper drive is in DMA position
b) You hardrive has enough empty sapce available for the ripped file to be rsided
c) Try to defrag your hardrive
d) Try to delete all the temp files in the temp directory
e) Empty you Recyle Bin

It’s likely to be your processor speed… however this amount of time is normal…


converting avi to mpeg2 (vob)
The file has to go through each frame (and audio) and recode it into the dvd format so processor speed is important, obvioulsy the faster the speed the faster the recoding process will be.

Are saying it is normal to burn 700MB movie in 3 hours that should take no more than 55 minutes. Using DVD Shrink for (ripping, encoding and shrinking) + Nero for burning will take a complete 4.38GB (2 hours of movie) max 20 minutes.

Edit: ofcourse converting AVI to MPEG2 format does take more than normal time.

wat if i had a program and i already converted it to the MPEG-2 format …y does nero encode it again taking 3 more hours