Encoding in DivX

i wanted to try my luck in converting a DVD into a DivX film. I used Gordian Knot and followed doom9.org’s guides. I let it encode overnight and when i awoke i played the file. The audio seems fine, and the video looks nice but it plays way too quickly… the video plays much faster than the sound… though time on the media player is passing normally. I read in this forum that it happened with older versions of DivX. I used the latest 5 and it happened. Can anyone tell me why?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

I had this exact problem myself on one PC with Windows Media Player/Realplayer on an AMD 1700+ until I upgraded the graphics card. Typically this only happens with slow graphics cards or if the CPU usage reaches 100% while playing and you are using any program that uses the DivX directshow codecs, e.g. RealPlayer, WMP, etc…

The best program to play DivX is the dedicated DivX player that’s bundled with the codec. I use DivX player 2.0 alpha and this is the only program that can play all my DivX media with the Audio & Video in sync on my 400MHz Pentium II.

well my specs are above, and last i checked they weren’t too awful. in any case i began again, followed the guide and now it works. go figure, i am almost 100% sure it was the same settings, but you never know…

my mistake, i DID do something different. i converted the ac3 with ac3 delay corrector.


Have you tried the freeware BSPlayer? See the test at Test of the DivX players.

I just did a brief test running the same Divx movie. Using DivX Player 2.0 required 37% CPU usage on my system. Running the same material with BSPlayer took 13% CPU usage. :slight_smile:

It is by far my favorite DIVX playback program (and can be used for VOB’s, etc. as well). It has more flexibility, features and options than other programs.

Thanks for the info :wink: I downloaded the BSPlayer & update to take home.

I built my computer last year from scratch using components from mates and some I bought my self. Hopefully next year I’ll get myself a new motherboard with AMD XP CPU (or better) and a Graphics Card & new TV Tuner :p.

Is it always faster or at 4-5 secs after you move to another part of the movie? that is normal because it is tries to sycronize the sound with picture.
If it happens always the problem is in the compression.

if you use mp3 encoding at less
than 128 this will happen.
stick to 128