Encoding DVDs from MPEG

Hi there, im new to this forum… hope u guys could help me out

I’ve got some home videos that i captured to my hard drive… they are now in .mpg format… when i use WinDVD Creator to make the DVD… it takes a very very long time…(its replaying the video in slow mo in the preview window when its encoding). i was wondering if i could just drag the .mpg files to nero or some kinda burning software and burn it like a VCD but to a DVD…

or is there a way to speed up the process of making the DVD in WinDVD? :sad:

My Laptop Specs (just in case):

P4 2.7Ghz
512 Ram
ATI Radeon Mobile 9000/9100 IGP
40gig HD
and 8x DVD-RW

thanks for reading!

Can you post the details of the MPEG file, use GSPOT for that. If its already MPEG2 format, nad the audio is in the right form, then all you need to do is simply Author it. DVDLab or TMPGEnc DVD Author are 2 good programs for that.

download Nero Vision Express from nero.com, it can decode and burn mpegs to dvds that would be playble on dvd players!
but it takes time for decoding! like i had 4 vcds to decode and it took 7 hours on my 1.6 pentium 4 with 256 mg of ram!