Encoding benchmark?


is there a benchmark for encoding to DivX for the video and Lame for the sound ??

or just run the normal program like Vidomi and take the maximum frame per sec ??


a benchmark, like a framerate calculator? im confused by what you are asking. are you asking about how fast you can encode to this marks, or what framerate you should look for

i just want to compare a AMD 2200+ encoding with like INTEL 2.2 or something like that.

so i am looking for a benchmark can tel me what is the maximum frame rate per sec can the CPU do.

or what time the CPU take to encode a movie.

i don’t no if there is a program can do these tests !!


There are no such benchmark program. You’ll have to run the actual encoding program, ie, VirtualDub (regular and P4 enhanced) to find out. Just do a short 5 min clip w/ all the settings of a 90min movie.