Encoding and AutoGK

Does anyone use AGK along with DVDFab Platinum? I’ve been going nuts to try and figure out how to make DVDFab do what DVDFab HD Decrypter and AutoGK done easily. I bought DVDFab to eliminate the middle man (AutoGK) and I can’t find a balance to make a 700MB DVDrip (aXXo quality) like I could with AutoGK. Anyone have any luck or pointers? I always used auto size and auto audio, XviD codec with forced subs (figured out 2/4 so far).

Here’s the info I got on the auto settings:

First we have the Resolution settings. Auto width will leave it up to AutoGK to select the resolution that looks best given your selected size (number of CDs). Or, you could also select either a Minimum width or Fixed width by selecting the appropriate option and using the width field to enter the width. Note that both options could potentially degrade the quality of your output (for instance you could select a width that is too large, and your movie would look better if AutoGK could select a lower width). For some more info about resolution selection and other behind the scenes procedures, click here.

When we have the Codec option, where you can decide between the XviD or DivX codec. Use whichever codec you like best. If in doubt which codec to choose, there’s a codec comparison that might give you some pointers. Keep in mind that you have to use the XviD version that comes with AutoGK. XviD 1.1, for instance, is currently not supported.

Then, we have the Audio options. The Auto option will use 128kbit/s VBR MP3 audio for 1 CD rips and keep the original AC3 Dolby Digital soundtrack for 2 CD (or larger) rips. If you want to keep the AC3 or DTS no matter what, select the AC3/DTS option. Or you can select the VBR MP3, kbps or CBR MP3, kbps option and set a fixed bitrate. If you don’t care about the original soundtrack, I suggest that you set the audio option to VBR MP3, kbps and select a bitrate of 128kbit/s (or 160kbit/s for 2+ CDs).

Going by that I should be able to fix the audio, I guess it’s just a matter of making a AutoGK based profile (generic of course, nothing can take a programs place). Anyone have anything like this setup already or would anyone like to collaborate.

DVDFab Mobile Option gives you a constant readout of video bitrate, output file size and bits/pixel. I guess I don’t understand what you are asking it to do that it doesn’t. If you want a conversion that is 700MB, move the bitrate slider until that output file size shows in the box. Then look at the screen sizes available and decide the minimum number of bits/pixel you will accept and choose the size that provides that number. ??

You see, the bits/pixel box confuses the shipoopy outta me. I guess that’s my problem.

Think of it as a Quality readout. Higher=better. :slight_smile: