Encodes fast, then slow

Ok ive had my burner for like 3 days now. Its a memorex 16x and does every type of disk.
My PC is a HP 7920 with upgraded ram to 256MB and a pentium III 900Mhz processor.
The first 20 or so dvd’s have gone very slowly and those were on the old 128MB of ram.
I was told if i beafed the ram up a bit itd speed the encoding up on the dvd shrink program i use. Well i upgraded and for the first time its went super fast. 29 minutes to encode it and burn. Usually it takes almost 2 hours. I backed up my dvd Cheaper by the dozen and it took 29 minutes for everything, im doing Irobot and its taking almost an hour and 30 for just the encoding. The burning always goes fast but just ripping the files from the disk onto my hard drive takes forever.
With cheaper by the dozen the cd drive was workin its a$$ off. I could really hear it workin, with Irobot there is no sound at all, i think the rate is at 1,700kb and the buffering is at maybe 40mb. Cheaper by the dozen was flying at a rate of 7,000kb+ and a buffering of 100mb. Is there a setting im missing or just some simple newbie mistake im making or what? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Maybe just the disc - some discs are harder to read, or some discs have more content than others, or your compression settings are higher and thus it needs to slow down and take more time.

lui_gough is right… You’re not just ripping, you’re shrinking the disc at the same time. This is a way more CPU intensive task than it is memory intensive, but that upgrade definitely can’t hurt. Cheaper By The Dozen is a comedy, and maybe you removed extras and it didn’t need to be shrunk, or only needed to be very little. I, Robot is a long action title, which would most definitely need some shrinking.

Oh, and the simple newbie mistake is that you’re using DVD Shrink. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a pIII 1ghz and the dvd encoding was about the same, so nothing wrong there. While you’re encoding are you deleting anything? if you delete scenes the encoder has to basically rebuild the dvd and that takes some time depending on your cpu. Before you use dvdshrink maybe you might want to consider using vobblanker to delete scenes. Unlike dvdshrink which converts the deleted portions to stills or photos vobblanker actually deletes them. This can reduce the size of the dvd and speed up encoding. If you want you can delete extras and FBI warnings with one click. It sounds a little complicated but take the time to learn it and it will help with the quality of your backups http://jsoto.posunplugged.com/vobblanker.htm

Vob whatever seems a little advanced for me right now. The thing with cheaper by the dozen is its the same file size as irobot. Both of them were just over 4gig.
I dont knwo why it does it liek it does sometimes. Ill try a few other free programs and see what turns up. Thanks for the replies.

It’s about 4.37/4.38GB - this is AFTER THE SHRINK - the SHRINK is made to shrink the original 7.8GB or so to this size automatically.

When we refer to size - it’s the size of the original DVD, the shrink products are always almost the same size (you can configure the end size too)

ahhhh ic. thanks