Encoded PAL Should be NTSC



Ran an error free avi thru dvd2svcd and when it was completed the resulting .mpv file was PAL encoded. This hasn’t happened before. All other avi’s were encoded NTSC. What could have gone wrong? Is it possible to convert to NTSC without going thru the entire encode process again. I loaded the same configuration as always so I’m at a bit of a loss. Thank you in advance.:confused:


Can you check the AVI with GSPOT, that will report what the headers say. DVD2SVCD only converts according to what the headers say.


Guess I should of checked first. This is the first time I’ve encoded an avi 25fps. G-spot says 25fps so I guess it’s PAL. So is their a way to convert to NTSC without going thru the whole process of encoding again. Thanks again.:confused:


You will need to re-encode, best of luck and check out http://www.geocities.com/xesdeeni2001/StandardsConversion/index.html on how to do it.


Thank you again for your help.