Encoded audio is popping? from dvd2svcd

ok did extractions and this seems to be the norm now, i follow chickenmans guide to divx to dvdr to the letter and when i do the deal in dvd2svcd it all goes fine BUT the output Encoded_audio_1.mp2 when played is crackley and poppy, and a lil garbled up.

the Encoded_audio_1.mp2.wav and Extracted_audio_1.mpa both sound fine no issues there but theyre not the ones im sposed to use, so im assumeing something is going wrong in the audio conversion part, th file is 64 bit and thats what im extracting it in(tho ive tried the 224 and same problem.

any ideas?

Hi InZain,

I am assuming you are using the Besweet package which converts the .wav file to a Dolby stream which is in the .mp2 format. This .mp2 format to be played on the PC will require the Dolby decoder plug-in which if not installed on the pC will make the sound crackled and poppy and a lil garbled up. This suspicion will be confirmed once you play the DVdr on a standalone and the sound is perfect, then you know the problem is the absence of the Dolby decoder. Note: Besweet is an encoder and cannot play/decode the Dolby stream file.

Hope this helps.