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Thanks for the great forum.

Can we get a list of known external 5.25 enclosures with the ALI Chipset?

I need a compatible USB 1.1/2.0 for my 1620 Pro OEM

Actual Model numbers would be much appreciated!!!

I’m hoping to exchange the incompatible unit I got from New Egg.

Thanks in advance!!!


You should be looking here.



Thanks I found one model number,
Belkin F5U209

Which new egg doesn’t sell.

and a site where you can by the boards.

Still doesn’t resolve my issue with new egg.
and I’m looking for more known models.

But thanks anyway.


I would be very suprised if a external enclosure and the ALI chipset could reach 16x.


I have spent hours browsing through the Big Enclosure Thread and I think that the conclusion to be reached is that BenQ and LG both have a lot of enclosures that do not work at all. NEC seems to only work at 16X with the Prolific chipset and the Oxford 911 cannot be made to reach 16X.

Am I correct or is there more? Also, do you think we might be able to start a new sticky or thread with conclusions? It has gotten so big it is hard to find help.


I have my Benq in a EuroCom ME-350U2F enclosure sold by Dealsonic http://dealsonic.com/eumeidetousb1.html.

After updating the Prolific chipset ROM with a newer version http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=123655&page=2&pp=25&highlight=external+enclosure (Post #34), I am successfully burning at 16x using Firewire.


Thanks for the link. I had read that post on Prolific firmware and I forgot about it. Hopefully my Plumax will have the 3507. Dealsonic really seems to know their stuff.


Please remember that the ALI ChipSet is for USB2 support only…

The Prolific PL-3507 is both Firewire & USB2. The Firewire half can run up to 16X with a BenQ 1620, but only if you run the external Firmware 47L9…


Ali chipset does NOT work fully with the BenQ. It aborts writing with some +R discs and fails to read a disc when doing a disc quality test.

Prolific is the only chipset that I know works correctly with the BenQ drive at present.


Very true … I tried initially with the B7P9 firmware, but couldn’t get it writing at 16x. Only after I re-flashed it to 47L9 was I able to hit 16x.


To get back to the original topic of external enclosures with an Ali chipset, I have one for you: Galaxy USB 2.0 Blue LED light 5.25"/3.5" Aluminum HDD/Optical Drive Enclosure, Flip Front LED Cover, With Universal Power Supply

I originally purchased a BuyItNow on eBay with the DW1620 in this enclosure for something like $70 total. I am using it through the external USB2.0 port of my Uniwill 223 notebook and have never been able to reach 16x. The highest I can get is an avg of ard 6x, and can burn a 16x DVD+R (I used Memorex and ProDisc) in around 10 mins. Quite irritating.

The same case is branded under different names, but you really can’t miss it because of its “pimped out” blue LED lights :wink: Earlier today, I went to CompUSA to check out the DVD-writers there and saw the same exact case branded by CompUSA/FMI.

I’m glad that I’ve come across these strings re. chipsets… I never realized that it would effect performance so drastically. I was originally troubleshooting everything else (media, BenQ firmware, USB ports, etc), BUT the enclosure! DOH… I’m gonna shop around for a different enclosure now.


Thanks for all the info guys.

I accomplished my goal by installing a Lite-on DVD burner out of one of my servers into the enclosere. This enclosure worked fine with the the Lite-on for copying some files off other machines, and I ended up not needing the DL capacity in the interum.

So the BenQ 1620 found a home in the server/workstation that lost the light-on drive.

The whole idea was to have the capability of passing large amounts of data, backing up, or passing movies, etc.

So an external enclosure that actually functions with the 1620 Pro, was the objective.

Based on this thread I have gathered that the ALI chipset does not allow full functionality with this drive.

and based on this comment:
“The Prolific PL-3507 is both Firewire & USB2. The Firewire half can run up to 16X with a BenQ 1620, but only if you run the external Firmware 47L9”

It seems I know what to search for, enclosures with this chipset.
So now the objective is to confirm which enclosures offer the compatible chipset “Prolific PL-3507”.

If I have difficulty finding this information, I guess I will start a new thread.

But thanks for any further insight and information!

Great site!